Circles® is an action plan that brings together the best efforts and resources of individuals, organizations, communities, and government in a program proven to raise people out of poverty.

Creating a comfortable and stimulating family experience

Create awareness of an obvious community problem

Bringing together a community for education and training on poverty issues, including welfare, working poor, elderly poor, and struggling middle income families

Recruit and prepare volunteers to assist in developing and initiating solutions

Develop a proactive environment for volunteers to succeed

Utilize a well-developed and properly managed volunteer organization to identify and assist individuals in our community whose current financial situation and lifestyle could be greatly improved with appropriate and adequate group and one-on-one assistance


Marion Presbyterian Church and Marion Christian Church

Meetings are community sponsored

Churches provide convenient meeting places only


A meeting is help every Thursday evening at 6:00pm and ends by 8:00pm

Meal served (donated, prepared and served by community volunteers)

Interesting and engaging presentations by volunteer instructors

Childcare provided by caring volunteers


If you care… we want you there! For our community to assist our own, who for whatever unfortunate reason, find themselves need our assistance, we need YOU!